executive coach, change strategist, and facilitator

Executive Coaching

  • Organizational effectiveness and leadership consulting to CEO's, CFO's COO's, Managing Partners, Senior Executives and Emerging Leaders. 

Capacity Building

  • Design and conduct trainings for staff, organizational leaders, and community members.

  • Develop resource tool kits (e.g., sample evaluation tools, protocols, best practices)

  • Facilitate program development.

  • Construct strategies, policies and systems that help create a diverse and vibrant board.​


Assessment and Impact

  • Lead strategic planning for board, staff, and teams.

  • Convene stakeholders through interviews, focus groups, and planning and executive retreats.

  • Formulate and facilitate social change and applied transformation strategies and tactics.

  • Create theories of change and logic models to articulate purpose, approach, and indicators of success.

  • Employ a wide array of evaluation plans, methods and tools to measure impact. 

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A well known writer on gender equality and women's leadership, Permission Granted is available online and in book stores.
Permission Granted is profoundly actionable. You’ll recognize yourself within its pages and go deep to discover a new way, emerging with clarity about how to get what you really want, at work and in life. This book is imbued with a positive outlook about change – why it can be difficult, how to engage on a personal level, and how to reframe your success. 

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Marcia is known for her ability to approach topics in an engaging, informative and honest manner creating aha moments and opportunities for professional and personal insight. A thought-leader, Marcia inspires audiences while providing them with practical and actionable change strategies. Audiences leave with many insights and aha moments. Contact her to speak at your next event.

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about me

Marcia Coné is a writer, speaker, change strategist, and advocate for women. As founding CEO of the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island, she successfully advocated for policy advances, including women’s leadership, representation, and paid family leave. Her activism continues through her writing, speaking, and consulting with philanthropic, corporate, and government organizations.

Marcia resides in East Greenwich, Rhode Island and Vienna, Austria with her family.

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East Greenwich, RI 02818, USA